Doomsday believers think the End of the World is coming on December 21, 2012 and they're doing what they can to try to survive. Tourism to places like Bugarach, France, Mount Rtanj, Serbia and Sirince, Turkey is increasing as believers think these places will protect them during the apocalypse.

The 5,125-year Mayan calendar comes to an end on Dec. 21 making some believe that this means the world will end on that day. There is no evidence to prove that the world will end that day, but some are facing a doomsday phobia and believe that Dec. 21 might be their last day. For instance, some peopel in China are spending all of their money and giving things away in preparation.

There are certain locations which believers have deemed safe-havens.  All of these places happen to be on hills.

One of the popular doomsday tourist spots in Bugarach, France  as many are convinced that the Pic de Bugarach mountain will be the only place that will be standing when the world ends.  Some flocking there believe that aliens will come out from inside the mountain and will save those who are there.

If they can't access the Pic de Bugarach, doomsday believers might want to consider heading to Mount Rtajnj in Serbia. The pyramid-shaped mountain is also believed to protect people from the end of the world. Much like Bugarach, some think that the mountain contains a special alien energy that will protect them.  As a result, hotels at the base of the mountain are selling out ad people want to be close by when the supposed apocalypse occurs.

"In one day we had 500 people trying to book rooms. People want to bring their whole families," Obrad Blecic, a hotel manager told The Telegraph.

Another option is Sirince, Turkey, which is also on a hill. The small town is also believed to have a special energy. Some think this is where Greek goddess Artemis was born and Christians believe it is where the Virgin Mary rose into heaven.  Hotels here have also sold out and the town may even create emergency shelters to house those who can't find a vacant hotel room.

There are many more guests than usual," Engin Urer, the owner of the Mystic Konak hotel in Sirince told The Nation. "There is this rumour that the world will end, and so people are coming here."

If the world doesn't end on Dec. 21, as NASA says it won't, at least the tourists can say they visited a unique place.