Going on your dream vacation with your family can be so fulfilling, but it can also be twice as stressful. Traveling with kids is especially tricky, they have short attention spans and entertaining them requires much effort.

But you don't have to be at your wit's end when you're traveling with kids. There are actually very handy tricks you can do so the whole trip could be so much easier. Here are some travel hacks that would actually save your life from going crazy:

Make time to sort out your in-flight entertainment. Those few hours on the air can be brutal, especially when you're bringing a fussy, noisy toddler. Make sure you're iPad or iPhones are stocked up on TV shows and cartoon series your kids love, so that you can get your much-needed peace on your flight.

Pack your kids' outfits in ziplock bags. Only have an hour or two to prepare for each morning on your tours? Save lots of time by pre-planning all your kids' outfits for the day and putting them in Ziploc bags in your suitcase. Besides, those Ziploc bags can be used to store your kids' dirty laundry too.

Request for a baby bed during your flight. If you're traveling overseas with a baby that can't sit up on its own yet, it's really going to be helpful if you request a baby bed from your airlines. Research first on what airline does that kind of service, and days before your flight make a call for a request so that you wouldn't miss out. Your arms will thank you, and you're in for a relaxing flight.

Make a phone number bracelet. As a precaution when traveling to a new place with your curious kids in tow, make a bracelet using your phone number as beads. That way, if ever your kids get lost (the ultimate nightmare of parents), you will be easily be contacted to by concerned citizens.