Many vegan restaurants are springing up all over the country, coming up with amazing, healthy dishes that are just as good (or sometime, even better) as their meat counterparts. Here are five of the best vegan restaurants in Los Angeles:

"Chicken and Waffles" at Crossroads Kitchen -This dish on the celebrated vegan Crossroads' brunch menu is the fried "chicken" with waffles and warm maple hot sauce. They say this dish alone will make you want to shift from being a carnivore and go into veganism, reports Huffington Post.

Shojin's "Crunchy Tiger Hidden Dragon" Roll - There is the Green Dynamite Roll, an avocado, carrot roll with lemon, chili, cilantro, asparagus,and green chili sauce. Japanese vegan, organic, macrobiotic "sushi" made with BBQ seitan, avocado, crispy potato, tempura asparagus, served with sweet tamari sauce and wasabi mayo.

Gracias Madre - On the menu are butternut squash quesadillas, cashew cheese, crema, mole sauce, roasted chipotle peppers and tacos. If trying Mexican vegan food makes you change your mind about veganism, you will be saying "gracias" wearing a smear of cashew crema on your face.

Cafe Gratitude - When the waiter takes your order, they will ask you, "What are you grateful for today?" and then you will feel like answering. Accept it, because the perfectly prepared food will make you come back for more. If you're feeling aligned with the world, you can order the "I Am Grateful", the delicious "community bowl" of kale, black beans, quinoa, and garlic-tahini sauce, reports TimeOut.

Cruzer Pizza & Pasta - A 100% meat-and-dairy free pizza parlor that is also gluten-free . This is a small place staffed with fresh-mouthed dough slingers. The pies are delectable. If you want gluten-free, you will get a rice-based dough that's airier than wheat. It still has enough variation of texture and crispness to your satisfaction. Select from various faux meats or try their Philly Cheese Steak Pizza.