"Salem" will no longer be back for season 4 as it has not been renewed for a new season. But the series was able to bring closure to the storyline and the characters of the drama, which is based on the Salem Witch trials. Find out what happened in the series finale below.

TV Line has previously reported that series creators Brannon Baraga and Adam Simon have already prepared to end the story of Mary in season 3 of "Salem." WGN America canceled the show due to its poor ratings. Apparently compared to its debut in 2014 which had 1.5 million viewers, season 3 averaged only 200-300 hundred thousand.

Episode 10 of "Salem" season 3 was entitled "Black Sunday." The previous episode ended with Anne opening the door to hell. John also finds out that Sebastian is working for the other side and wants to kill him. Their fight ends with Sebastian dying after John slashed his throat, but not before he confesses his love for Mary and imploring John to save her.

Anne and the Devil tell Cotton that he can save Salem if he chooses to sacrifice his soul by going to Hell, which he does. With that sacrifice, the Devil becomes a young adult, and he plans to make Mary his bride and bear his offspring. Before making Mary wear the wedding dress, Anne takes her to Marburg, cuts her and makes the blood drip into her mouth.

As John, who came to save Mary tries to escape with her, Marburg then transfers to Mary's body. She then goes to the Devil's room to have sex with him. As the episode went on, viewers can see Anne's motivation. She wants to be the only witch in Salem, and she proceeds to bring about the end of the others. After she is done, she goes on to kill the Devil and her mother.

Nerd Reactor reports that "Salem" season 3 ends with Anne becoming the queen of witches and Salem, and Mary and John leaving the town. Are you happy with the ending of "Salem"? Share your thoughts and comments below.