In 2016 a video of a massive disc-shaped object was seen flying around the skies of Malaysia. Many were left in shock at what appeared to be a rare UFO sighting in the Southeast Asian country, but some recent investigations have now uncovered the truth behind the video.

The video was originally posted on YouTube in September 2016 and has more than 590,000 views as of this writing. In the video - which can be seen below - an object can be seen gliding in the sky before it zips away. It then returns a few seconds later turning on its axis to the amazement of onlookers. Judging from the video, it is easy to see why they are all in awe of what they are witnessing as a stream of white light can be seen coming from the flying saucer.

It was then shared all across Malaysia and caused quite a stir among the residents of the town of Kuala Krai, the place where the flying saucer was spotted. However, the video seems to have been created using CGI (computer generated imagery). To be more precise the CGI creation was based off on one that was created in 2007. According to the Malaysian news agency Bernama, the police had reported no such sightings in the area.

The video titled "UFO CGI Unveiled" was uploaded by a YouTube user named Damien White in 2007. In the video he explains how the alien ship is created using computer graphics. The Malaysian UFO video looked so realistic that it even newspapers such as The Sun began to report it. UFO sightings in Malaysia aren't uncommon as there have been many of them over the years. As a matter of fact, news of one that was spotted in Georgetown, Penang was recently reported by The Star.