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‘Clash Royale’ Goblin Gang & Battle Ram Updates: New Card Hacks, Tips & Tricks To Help You Win

Travelers Today       By    Din Rose

Updated: Feb 07, 2017 06:37 AM EST

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Supercell just recently announced the arrival of Battle Ram. But excitingly, the giant mobile game developer still has something on its sleeve with the Goblin Gang. Find out the best hacks, tips, and tricks on how to use the two new cards to your advantage and win every game.

In a report by Clash Royale Arena, it details some facts regarding the Goblin Gang rare card that will come out 17 days from now. It's simply a common troop card but it spawns six goblins with knives and spears. They are really a discounted pack with little elixir cost because the six already has 9 XP and weapon levels.

On tips of how to use them, make sure to also have some other lesser troops to go along with them. When the player attacks, put them on the front line and the Goblin Gang at the back, they technically need to be the last attackers because they have bigger damage points.

The details on Goblin Gang are still limited so only the above tip can be shared for now, though it will surely grow more upon the release of the card. To take note, the card is really something that every player can use in the game.

With regards to the Battle Ram, the iDigital Times report the best hacks and tricks in using the new card in the game to make sure of more wins. Last January, Super held a "Clash Royale" Battle Ram event where everyone can snatch the card for a win.

To use "Clash Royale" Battle Ram, first is to get the best ranges of cards with it like lightning, giant, cannons. Remember as well to use combos that could deflect Battle Rams' attack. Other players will sure use them as well so make sure to bank on defense as well.

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