There are tons of alternatives to getting apps for iPhones and iPads that aren't jailbroken. Due to Apple's frequent patches and firmware update, getting unsigned and unapproved, but mostly cool apps became harder. Thankfully, saurik's Cydia Impactor tool is around and it can let any user install virtually every unsigned or unofficial iOS app (IPA files.)

A lot of regular jailbroken device users are still struggling after the big halt on the jailbreak tool development for iOS 10.2. Some have already given up and went with the later version, 10.2.1, but fortunately, side loading is still possible, even without any jailbreak. This has been covered before with Redmond Pie with the use of a software called Xcode.

However, there's a limitation with the said app is it only works with a Mac. Fortunately, there's Cydia Impactor. The app is developed by saurik himself and the app does the same thing as Xcode. This way, users can easily download almost any IPA file (this is the file extension for iOS apps) from almost every website hosting them. This is very useful for those looking to install unofficial modded apps, premium ones and even some tweaks, not available from iTunes.

The first step is to download the app, which can be found here. The user needs to download the correct version for their machine, otherwise, problems might occur. Cydia Impactor should also not be run as admin as it will prevent users from dragging and dropping files on it.

Once finished, the user can simply download any iOS app of their choice from any third-party hosting site. This is not limited to premium apps only as there could potentially be more offering than iTunes alone. Cydia Impactor can sideload any IPA to any version of iPhone and iPad.

After getting the IPA file, the user should plug in their iPhone or iPad to the computer. The next step simply involves dragging the IPA file into Cydia Impactor's window. This will ask for the user's iTunes username and password. Any working account can be used here, but it is highly better to use a dummy account for safety purposes.

Once the process is complete, the app will be installed. However, the user should trust the developer profile. This should be corrected by going to Settings > General > Profile & Device Management. Simply tap trust in order for every app installed with Cydia Impactor to work without any prompts or problems.