If anyone should ask, travelers must tell people -- those who might believe traveling into a potentially deadly active volcano is a bad idea -- that active-volcano visits are once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Okay, it can be risky, but it is thrilling and indeed, it does make one's bucket list look amazing. Here are the world's five still-active volcanoes travelers can head to on a whim.

Travelers hunting for lava trails, acid pools and acrid scents from the Earth's natural emissions passages only need to head inside Hawaii's Volcanoes National Park in Pahoa. Kilauea -- the still-active volcano -- is welcoming travelers brave enough to see the flying lava and smoke on the water.

In Italy's Sicily is the turf of Mount Etna. Easily reflective of the melting pot of culture and history of famous Mafioso in the region, Sicily's 10,000 feet volcano is still spewing lava and forming craters around. According to Business Insider, travelers could travel as high as 9,000 feet to see this breathtaking sight.

Apparently, Sicily is home to another active volcano, albeit a smaller one. Mount Stromboli allows adventurers to hike up to 400m towards the summit, bringing an intimate volcano experience complete with earthquakes and even fire thrown towards the sky from the crater. It is a beautiful, dangerous but thrilling experience to be a few meters away from flowing lava.

From Costa Rica's San Jose capital is a three-hour ride heading towards Arenal. While not entirely active as Sicily's flame-and-rock throwers, Arenal's nearby towns show the scars it had borne on the Earth -- indeed a remarkable sight. Cheap lodgings with great views await travelers.

According to The Telegraph, not everyone knows about the active volcano Nisyros, situated in Dodecanese, Greece. While not visibly active, magma movements underneath the rocks are bubbling up natural springs, making it an amazing retreat for some hot spas. But a little exploring should bring adventurers towards the crater for at least just $30 in total including ferries and bus rides.