When "Final Fantasy XV" released, the PC gaming world wasn't able to get a slice of the action with Square-Enix's top RPG debut on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. However, creator Hajime Tabata brought some good news as he shared his ideas for the PC release of the game along with some mod support.

Head director of "Final Fantasy XV" stated that he is highly interested in bringing mod support to the PC version of the game. Tabata mentioned something about releasing the game on the PC once it reaches a "more technically developed" version. However, a recent interview with Gematsu revealed that his team is highly interested in bringing the game to the PC as soon as possible and with mod support even.

When asked regarding the PC release, Tabata told that doing so will serve as a technical attempt. He wants to demonstrate "Final Fantasy XV" running on high-end machines as well as their team. This would also serve as a chance for the team to develop the game specifically for the PC in order to let the players create their own PC-exclusive features and even making user-generated quests. If anything, this sounded like how "Skyrim" came to be on the PC.

As for the development progress of the virtual reality integration, PC Gamer's report indicates that the game is still progressing at a steady rate. However, he said that the team has not yet reached a point where they can announce or estimate the release date for the VR feature on"Final Fantasy XV."

Tabata also mentioned something regarding traveling the world freely by car. However, this would require serious amounts of debugging. It will apparently present many hurdles in releasing, though he also said something about making this a PC-exclusive feature to get past by the thought of it as being impractical for the "Final Fantasy XV" on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.