Apple is one of the biggest company that sells and designs electronic devices for consumer's satisfaction. The iPhone 8 is one of the latest mobile phones being produced by the said company. There is news leaked online about its release date, specification, and features. Certain reports stating that its screen is wider for it features an 'edgeless display.'

Recent reports stating that 69% of Apple's business is iPhone related and just this quarter Apple sold 78.3 million iPhones worldwide. According to BGR, reports stating that iPhone 8 will be the hottest anticipated iPhone for it features an edgeless display. It seems that iPhone 8 is quite similar to Samsung Galaxy edge in terms of its edgeless screen.

Apple's 2017 flagship iPhone is believed to be scheduled for release this coming September. The latest iPhone will release in 3 new models of which is rumored be a premium OLED-based smartphone. A report from Mac World UK states that the latest iPhone should be expected to feature a faster A11 processor, glass body, the amera and Touch ID integrated into the display, no home button, and wireless charging. In addition, it was also predicted that there will be a new security feature which is facial recognition.

The display would take up the entire front of the iPhone. However, Apple did not give any official statements yet if the display will grow to fit the iPhone or the iPhone will shrink down to fit the display. iPhone 8 edge-to-edge display will no longer use an LCD, but it is said to be a flexible plastic OLED.

As the news recently released by Mac Rumors, it states that the use of flexible plastic OLED will allow Apple to introduce a thinner device. In addition, it helps the device to consume less power with higher contrast ratio. Surely, Apple will generate more income this year and could possibly rank as the number 1 highest gross income in the world of technology.