Poor planning will always create vacation disasters. Planning includes the itinerary and clothes to bring. But travelers' budgets will remain the "heart" of any vacation plan. Given the immense number of temptations travelers can encounter while in location, it would be best to remain faithful to the vacation budget where possible -- and these are five ways to ensure just that.

It pays to know the amount needed to deal with all types of fiscal risks during the vacation. Ask friends or veteran travelers in the location. Some destinations only need $600 to taste everything and stay in great accommodation. European destinations, such as Russia, could be terribly expensive requiring more than $4000 for a week's worth of vacation in just one country alone.

Nomadasaurus recommends keeping track of all expenses while in vacation -- even those terribly misjudged decisions. Every dollar spent -- including any cents or pence -- is to be noted down to maintain focus on fiscal goals to avoid even going past to your overhead amounts. The reason to save more money during vacations is there will always b that one moment travelers would want to spent a bit more during their vacation.

Being knowledgeable about public transport pays off greatly especially if travelers are not picky contending with local traffic. Public transportation systems in Europe are well-maintained with all systems often nominal. Russia -- an expensive European destination -- is not as expensive if one knows the tips and tricks around the world-renowned Metro.

Avoid added expenses by exchanging your money into your destination's currency in a local bank before you leave. The airports can legitimately "cheat" you from the original value of the currency. Banks follow the actual value of the currency. Should they charge for exchange rates one would see it as a fair rate than most airports would -- helping you avoid unforeseen budget costs.

According to Real Simple, sticking to budgets during vacations is important but it is valuable to gauge if travelers had received value for money for all expenses. For example, buying cheap souvenirs at the airport can save lots but the quality suffers. Well-spent money on quality handcrafted materials are better souvenirs that last for a great length of time.