Apple is one of the biggest technology companies that designs, develops, sell consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. One of the newest gadgets ever released is their wireless headphones called the Apple AirPods. The said gadget was released in December 2016 and is now currently available on the Apple Store worldwide. There is news stating that AirPods might be water resistant.

AirPods is one of the latest technology developed by Apple. The said earphone runs on Bluetooth and very comfortable to wear. AirPods instantly turn on and connect to your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad or MacBook whenever you use it. According to Apple Inc., the Apple AirPods will play audio automatically when placing it in your ears and pauses when you take it off. To activate Siri, just double tap it and you can request Siri to make a call, adjust the volume or even change the music.

There are reports circulating online that AirPods are a water resistant. Based on a report of NSEAVOICE, it states that the said wireless headphone could be waterproof. Though the said device is not certified to be water-resistant but it can actually handle water well. AirPods can survive water if you might carelessly place it inside the washing machine.

Another report from App Device stated that AirPods are secretly waterproof. Based on a video conducted by EverythingApplePro, he tested the capability of AirPods if it's really true that the said wireless earphone can resist water. The video consists of two parts, a drop test and a water test. In the drop test, they tried to drop the AirPods multiple times with an estimated height of 10 feet. The result shows that AirPods can withstand drops and still sound good.

The results were surprising as the AirPods still sound good as brand new and still charges perfectly. The water test includes putting the AirPods inside the washing machine with a 32-minute cycle and submerging the said device into one foot of water for five minutes.