"Gotham" Season 3 Episode 14 titled "The Gentle Art of Making Enemies" showed the freaks taking over the GCPD headquarters, attacking cops and firebombing the station are they were inspired by Jerome, their resurrected hero. Jerome is back and he is officially the Joker. A character was resurrected, but another one died.

At the start of this "Gotham" episode, Penguin was still very distraught about the thought that Nygma was in danger, but he couldn't get to him fast enough. When he got there, he was somewhat shaken upon seeing how much hatred Nymga had towards him. There was so much hatred in Nygma's voice as he threatened to end Penguin's life.

Robin Lord Taylor's performance as Penguin is chilling and ferocious, The Baltimore Sun said, so naturally, his death saddened many fans. Penguin's love for others caused him his death, which made it even more heartbreaking for viewers. 

Penguin was taken by Ed to the docks and Penguin pleads for his life telling Ed that he is still the only one who can see him for who he has become, but Ed is consumed with anger. He shot Penguin mid-sentence, pushing him into the water thereafter.

From the show's fans point of view, the finality of Penguin and Nygma's relationship cannot be ignored. Penguin did give Nygma a chance to save his mind, but he didn't. Penguin was almost killed by Gordon in the past, but was able to get out of it. This time, though, he is totally alone, without a friend or his mother to help him.

Although Penguin's contorted face indicates that he could be dead, many are still hoping that he will make a comeback. Observer reported that "Gotham" has brought back so many characters from the dead. What's even more frustrating is the fact that Penguin did not only lose his love, but he seems to have lost everything. If he survives, this will surely transform him.