Anthony Bourdain is one of the most famous chefs and celebrities in the world. This guy has flown to over 75 countries, and in his famous shows he films the local life and cuisine of every place he traveled. Also one of the most respected personalities in the world, Anthony Bourdain has written over 10 books on travel, food and different lifestyles all over the globe.

But when Travel and Leisure asked Anthony Bourdain what country in the world surprised him the most, he said it's Iran. Back in 2014, the famous tv personality traveled to Iran in connection with his show, "Parts Unknown", where he features extraordinary cultures and local cuisines all over the world.

In his interview, he said: "Iran does not look, does not feel the way I expected. I was really knocked sideways by how well we were treated in Iran and how delicious the food was and how hospitable ordinary people were to us."

Tehran and Isfahan were among the places Anthony Bourdain explored in Iran. According to him, the foods were "spectacularly delicious and sophisticated", and every restaurant he visited welcomed him "with open arms."

In his travel he also met Jason Rezaian, a Washington Post correspondent and his wife, Yeganeh Salehi. However, they were arrested by the Iranian government on mysterious charges, on which Anthony Bourdain released a statement about the incident.

Because of Iran's troubled history, many travelers are not considering a suitable place to travel. The United States have also constantly issued warnings about the risks of traveling to the said country, one of the reasons Anthony Bourdain was surprised by the amount of hospitality he has received in Iran.

According to Insider Travel, "Elaborate mosques, contemporary art, the gardens of Shiraz and (as Bourdain would tell you) the food - fluffy saffron rice and meatballs stuffed with eggs", are some of the things to look forward to in Iran. And for Anthony Bourdain, his visit to the country is one of the most memorable travels in his life.