Anthony Bourdain makes his way to Hong Kong to explore the country's faced paced style and fascinating city in the middle of summer. Tony fights the scorching heat as he attempts to try and taste different dim sum's, roasted meat and Chiu Chow cuisine before he heads back home.

Here are some of the best spots as reported by Discover Hong Kong. We also compiled together a selection of Tony's best tips for a memorable experience.

According to Travel Channel, population wise, this country is one of the most heavily packed cities worldwide, not only that but it is also packed with different kinds of food from great restaurants to street foods. The cuisine that Hong Kong offers is quite unique whie others are weird and a bit crazy, but its worth a try to experience a new culture once in a while.

Transporation wise, there is the Hong Kong Airport Express which offers high speed transportation from the tarmac to the center of town. It only take around 24 minutes which costs just around $13. Once you arrive in the center of town, it is easy to get a cab and you can go almost anywhere you want in the city to explore the culture and sceneries of Hong Kong.

If you wanna take a train around the city, the subways are available and convenient. The clean subways are easy to navigate and could get you to almost all destinations around the city easily and much lesser cost than the cab rides.

Tired and want to chill? No Problem as Hong Kong has a lot of tea restaurants around the area or what they call cha chaan tengs. They also have this carbonated drinks that has fruits in it like lemons, etc.

Most people in Hong Kong wear nicely tailored suits that fit them quite well. Hong Kong is known for their tailors who drill up the best suits fast and very cheap as well.

For dinner or late night foods, the Chiu Chow cuisine offers different Cantonese flavors. Chiu Chow is made up of different natural and fresh ingredients which is prepared in advance then served well at the right room temperature making it one of the best foods to try on late nights.

In conclusion, Hongkong is indeed one city to visit if you are a food lover. From the spices to the herbs they put in their noodles to the roasted duck, their food taste and looks amazing all the way. For more of the latest news and current updates stay tuned to Travelers Today.