Hong Kong Disneyland is one of the most famous theme park attraction all over the world. With amazing rides, attractions and entertainment coming from popular Disney movies and series, people love to spend their time in the Disneyland. It was announced that a budget of $1.4 billion will be used to develop and improve the Disneyland.

Adding more activities and attractions to the theme park is what the Hong Kong Disneyland authorities is planning. It was said in their statement that they were planning to keep on adding to and developing the park during 2018- 2023. According to CNN, Disney Land revealed to be adding "Frozen" and "Iron Man" themed attractions soon to open on the year 2020 and 2017 respectively. These new additions will feature wonderful new rides, shopping, entertainment and dinning experiences.

In order to bring back more visitors into the park which has said to have decreased recently, Disney Land puts all their efforts to develop one of the most successful franchises of the Walt Disney Company. According to the report of TR Weekly, aside from "Frozen" and "Iron Man" themed attractions, Disneyland is also planning to add "Adventure Land Show Place" to showcase the Disney movie "Moana". Furthermore, the expansion will include the improvement the Disneyland castle and hub area to give way for new shows.

As said by Bob Chapek, the chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, "We are bringing the best of the Walt Disney Company to this wonderful tourist destination, giving guests from around the world a experience only Disney can deliver and an experience they can only have with us at Hong Kong Disneyland." With the hopes of bringing back guests through the development, both the Hong Kong government and The Walt Disney Company, the shareholders of the Disneyland, have already agreed upon the development of the park.