The busy lines in the airport can be very frustrating. If you're running late for a flight, chances are more time will be lost wheezing through check-in counters, airport security and customs, leaving most passengers feeling exhausted and stressed as hell.

However, there are several handy tips that can make your airport experience a little bearable, so you can board your flight quicker and more stress-free. Here are some of them:

Use a parking reservations app. Instead of losing minutes searching for a good parking spot at the airport, download a reliable parking reservations app on your phone so you can reserve a good parking spot. Some of them even give discounts on parking spaces.

Check in online. This is especially convenient for those who don't have any check-in baggage. This will help you avoid waiting in excruciatingly long lines at check in counters to get a boarding pass. This step can also guarantee you a good seat on your flight.

Save a screenshot of your mobile boarding pass. If you commonly check in online via your airlines' app or website, it's really helpful if you take a screenshot of your mobile boarding pass for easy access of that needed document. This will help you avoid app-crashing circumstances or website issues.

Put all your necessary flight documents in an accessible bag. Important flight documents such as ID, credit card, tickets or boarding passes should be stored in an accessible bag so that you wouldn't lose time searching all your pockets when you need them.

Sign up for TSA's pre-check or Global Entry. This can be a really big time-saving step as signing up and getting pre-screened will help you avoid all the hassling security checks at customs and airport security like taking off your shoes and manually checking every suitcase. These services are already available at 180 airports in the U.S.