Vietnam is quickly becoming a travel destination hub because of its tourist destinations. This travel hack for budget travelers will show you how you can slay your vacation in Vietnam on less than US$ 60 per day budget.


Before you head out for this trip, we just that you remember to look for these phrases or signs: "Nha Tro" or "Nha Phong." These phrases literally mean boarding house. If you're looking for a cheap accommodation you can spend the night, look for these signs since signage in English are rare in Vietnam.

For less than $US 2 per night, you'll have your own bed and a separate bathroom: perfect for solo budget travelers. However, if you want a more comfortable berth, there are hostels and hotels around the country that costs around $US 8 to US$ 50.


If you are tight on your budget, you can have a meal in Vietnam for less than a dollar. A full western breakfast can cost you about US$ 2.5 but then you'll be missing out on the opportunity to sample the local cuisines for three means meals while spending no more than $US 6 dollars per day!


Tourists find it surprisingly nice that the public transportation system in Vietnam relatively inexpensive. From the airports located in major cities within the country to the efficient railway system; to the bus transportation system to metered taxis, getting around Vietnam is relatively easy. The range of transportation cost in Vietnam varies from US$ 0.06 to $US 36 all depending on which mode of transportation you prefer and the distance from one place to another.

 Tourist Destinations

The Water Puppet Show in Hanoi costs is a must see and it costs around $US 7. You can book a tour on Hoa Lu and Tam Coc for less than US$ 20 and spend US$ 12 marveling the architecture in the Imperial City of Hue. Also, you can explore Hue and Hoi An, via the Hai Van Pass by booking a Motorcycle Tour for $US 36. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage site, My Son Sanctuary for US$ 20.

Summing Up Your Daily Budget

All in all, you can have a day's worth of adventure for under 60 bucks. The majority of your expenses are going to the tourist sites you're about to visit and the transportation costs. All in all, $US 60 a day for an awesome experience is well worth it for budget travelers.

Important Points To Remember

Master the art of haggling. Tourists must always remember to negotiate prices by cutting the prices in half until you settle to a more agreeable price.

Touring this beautiful country on a budget of less than US$ 60 per day is something you can treasure all your life. And yes, with the really low trip expenses, you can bring home a lot of treasures home. Did we miss something? Tell us and join the conversation.