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Five Ways To Buy Cheap But Meaningful Souvenirs

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Feb 01, 2017 03:16 AM EST

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Stuffed Toy Souvenier
Put some thought into buying souvenirs and you could purchase something more affordable -- and more meaningful -- than the life size replicas, stuffed toys and other airport-sold souvenirs.
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Souvenirs should remind travelers of amazing experiences and memories they have had during their adventures. Concessionaires recognize this and place a premium on totems that stand as representatives of these memories. Luckily, even for those who fancy a specific type of souvenir to remember everything, cheaper nostalgia triggers are available if travelers are willing to do the following.

Avoid buying toys, including stuffed toys, expensive whiskey and huge souvenirs such as huge replicas of famous monuments in the world. According to CNN Travel, these replicas that "fit the back of the closet or bottom of a drawer" should be shunned. They are only representative of the location, but never the memory -- and they are just likely to end up being hidden and not displayed.

Travelers must think of sophistication and culture incorporated with their experience abroad. Find the specialized goods of the country. China, for example, is known for its tea -- bringing home a bag of tea is a good idea but buying a painted teapot is even better. A customized teapot can do wonders for nostalgia and as a representation of a traveler's visit in the country and most handcrafters charge less.

Souvenirs must also stand the test of time. Travelers are advised to spend on something well-made and crafted to perfection. Both mass-produced and handcrafted souvenirs can appear amazing on top of shelves or on travelers' work desks. Travelers should go for items that are displayable despite their costs -- items can appear too cheaply made if they are truly affordable.

Avoid the airports in buying souvenirs. Airports are amazing when travelers need to find the native food and treats the country has but airport souvenirs truly appear cheap and only made as non-meaningful reminders that you had once visited the country. Airports are the home of souvenirs with labels of the destination -- which looks too cheap even if they are quite cheap.

If travelers want something truly unique, they can search for any kind of totem, local specialized product or -- according to the Krazy Coupon Lady -- even just a postage stamp or photo, as long as it represents their memories and experience of the place. Before leaving, travelers should meditate for a while, recall their experience and begin souvenir hunting. They are likely to choose something between quality and price -- and something that is truly meaningful

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