Seeing falcons inside an airplane is something unusual and out of this world, might be a little bit of crazy but it has happened--a number of falcons traveled not by their own wings but by the wings of an aircraft. What is disturbing and weird is the falcons where not in the cargo of the plane, but literally taking a seat inside the plane itself.

According to Stuff, In 2015 Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, one of the most richest people in the world, revealed he was giving away all his fortune that sums to $30 billion. Now, another Saudi prince is taking a different role when it comes to money spending. This prince bought airline seats for his falcons, not for one not for two but for 80 falcons in total. The best part is each falcon had thier own respective seats inside the plane.

However according to Mashable, in the United Arab Emirates, owning a falcon and taking them on a flight with you side by side is quite normal and common. Many airlines which include Eithad, Emirates and Qatar offer and allow falcons who are tamed in the cabin. These airline accomodates the wealthiest people and they have created a bird stand beside the seats allowing falcons to be comfortable as a baby while on flight going to their destination.

This may sound very unusual but the UAE government has reportedly issued 28, 000 falcon passports between 2002 and 2013. In the Middle East, Falcons are a sign of wealth, power and a part of tradition dating back to ancient times. But the question remains why does a prince need 80 falcons at once. We never know, we can never judge but one thing is for sure, he loves his falcons very much.