An author and activist, Mark Baumer grew up in Maine and lived in Rhode Island where he worked as a website specialist and was also a student at Brown University. Seven years ago, he started on a journey to walk across the United States while writing about the experiences he had along the way. 

According to The New York Times, Baumer set out his latest cross country hike last October 2016. On October 13 the same year, he posted a diary on Youtube where followers where taken to different states from Connecticut going to the Bronx, Times Square and Pennsylvania. While on his journey, people would offer him shoes but did not accept them. 

In December, Baumer took a break from walking barefoot and had an interview with a news station where he was noted saying he expects to finish the journey he started by March of 2017 and most of the time he would walk in the middle of the road along the white lines because the surface was smooth.

During his whole trip, he encountered different people with different attitudes but that did not stop him from doing what he needed to do. Throughout his journey, one thing he pointed out the most was the beautiful landscapes he would see during his whole walk across the nation.

By his 100th day on the road, he reached Florida--the same time Trump was named President of the United States. Baumer was not happy about it, saying that Trump was the president that does not care about the future of mankind in this world. After knowing the outcome, he and his father had a mutual conversation regarding the future of the country and the climate change in general as stated by The Washington Post.

At this point, Baumer had no idea what is happening next as Florida was his last stop in this world. On his 100th day at around 1:15pm, while he was walking on the shoulder of U.S. 90 in northern Florida, Baumer was strucked down by an SUV that left its lane. Moments later he was pronounced dead on the spot.