A Chinese man was cycling for more than 300 miles over a span of 30 days just to get home in time for the most celebrated Chinese holiday, Chinese New Year. Though he was not going to the right path that he should be going. The man traveled so far, realizing he had gone the opposite way from his home.

According to Independent, the young migrant worker had no money to buy a ticket for a train ride back home. The only way for him to get home was by bike. So he set off from the city of Rizhao located on China's eastern coast hoping to make it to his loved ones back home in Qiqihar which spans around 1,700 kilometers away.

In the middle of his journey, he was stopped by policemen at the 500 kilometer mark in the central Chinese province of Anhui. When the police found out the whole story why he did that, the police bought and paid for a train ticket to get him to the right path back home. According to BBC, the man reportedly was living in different areas of the city where he was at, Internet shops, side streets,everywhere possible just to sleep and rest for the night.

The man had funds but it was not enough to support him and his needs. He also was not able to read making it difficult for him meaning he had to rely in asking questions to people and on other directions that he could understand which is difficult and heartbreaking since the man just wanted to be with his family.

The police stopped him not because he was traveling to far, not that the police knew but he was actually passing on a highway where cyclists cannot use or pass by. After knowing the real reason behind, both the police and the man acknowledged the problem and understood each other. Both the police and people around the train station paid for his ticket to get back home just in time for Chinese New Year. For more about the latest news kindly visit Travelers Today.