Traveling requires a lot of time to research: where to go, what to do and all other important details to make it more enjoyable and unforgettable. Hotels are among the most important part of the list, to make sure that you come home to a great place after going around your destination. Here are some of the hotels that was recently revealed by TripAdvisor as some of the world's best. 

Aria Hotel Budapest by Library Collection. Aria Hotel Budapest is quite a new hotel, opening just last 2015. It is named as the world's second music themed hotel making it stand out from the others in the country. Staying in this hotel is being treated like a King, from the exquisite design and structure of the hotel to the delicious menus they serve local and international dishes alike. The lobby of Aria hotel seems to be having a bee like kind of design making one of the best locations within the hotel itself.

Mandapa, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve. According to TripAdvisor, This hotel located in the center of Mandapa is the third propery in the luxurious Ritz-Carlton reserve collection where one can chill and have a good time. The place stunning talking about how the rooms are set up, the service from the staff is top notch. 

Turin Palace Hotel. Turin hotel is located in a prestigious building which dates back in the early 1800's. the place offers the best and the most unique environment rich in culture and history with the most advanced amenities in the hotel where travelers can relax. The hotel is just few meters away from the city making it very accessible for travelers.

The Serras Hotel. This luxurious five star boutique hotel overlooking the new luxury Port Vell beside the Mediterranean Sea offers a very distinct location with new and intricate decor. Hotel The Serras is best for business trips, holiday vacations, or weekend getaways. The environment spreads a coll and new looking vibe surrounded with world class equipment and furniture with a very good service team to serve your daily needs, its just a wonderful experience to savor.

BoHo Prague Hotel. BoHo prague hotel is not only one of the best hotels in Europe but in the entire world. It has a complimentary spa access, drinks and a gift when you arrive, and the design is sleek and sexy with futuristic lightinggs from bulbs to pendant lamps its just amazing to feel and see.