As the infamous saying goes about insurance: one never really knows they need insurance -- until the situation calls for it. Others may call it a lost investment, but having travel insurance guarantees that any loss of gadgets is reimbursed immediately, or gives travelers medical priority at any kind of emergency in specific hospitals. Offset your losses with your gains with these top five travel insurance policies available in the market.

Seven Corners is a great place to start because of its wide palate of insurance policies designed for traveling students, athletic sports travelers who may often ski or surf and other specialized insurance plans for less. According to The Simple Dollar, Seven Corners offers great deals with a basic plan at $94 offering a $10,000 medical coverage up front.

Global Travel Shield offers menial insurance policies for specific situations. One example is recovering lost bags including all declared contents inside immediately up to $1000. This allows travelers huge time savings when it comes to dealing with lost equipment. Still, this is for a fee; travelers who hold an American Express card are paying for these option insurance policies worth $50 per quarter.

According to, CSA Travel Protection offers a great many options for travelers who need more than just basic medical insurance. Aside from a guaranteed emergency room and attending physician, travelers may also need the same benefit from Global Travel Shield's lost baggage benefit or possible trip cancellation. Everything starts at $100.

Both and The Simple Dollar recommended World Nomads. Aside from comprehensive medical coverage that has even your dentures covered, it also provides insurance for cancelled or interrupted flights around $10,000 maximum. Decide to pay $89 for a $2,500 maximum on cancelled and interrupted flights and $1000 in baggage coverage and it suddenly becomes an amazing deal.

Elderly travelers will definitely find it worthwhile to use HTH Worldwide's full coverage for medical insurance in its travel policies. However, athletic sports travelers may not find it as useful as their policies do not cover any type of sport.