In 27 days, luxury travelers who could afford a hundred thousand dollar package could get to see the entire world in the style of island cruising by country hopping in entire hemispheres using an 84-seater plane. Individually, travelers would be set back an estimated $160,000 for a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience to see the rest of the world.

According to Conde Nast Traveler, Crystal Cruises -- a seafaring company providing traditional island cruises -- has made news after it revealed it would be bringing guests on separate 14 to 28 day air cruises on either its 12-seat private jet or the newly-furnished 84-seat private plane. Conde Nast revealed that the itinerary, which would have its first run this year, is in partnership with hotel chain The Peninsula Hotels.

According to Business Insider, the first flight happens in August 2017 and as early as January. An average trip could last about 28 to 29 days depending on the itinerary. Officially announced by Crystal Cruises as the "Peninsula Grand Inaugural Crystal AirCruise," the flight begins from New York City and then ends in Paris. Travelers would then pass through the American cities and head forward into South East Asia's prime cities. As any traveler could guess, all these cities have a Peninsula Hotel where guests would stay for the rest of the month-long world cruise.

The luxury plane itself is indeed worth its price with all 84 seats having amazing amenities such as bars and relaxation spots, and excellent entertainment systems. A top-level chef is also overseeing the onboard restaurant to ensure the quality of food. The airplane passenger seats are convertible into beds complete with pillows and a small drawer for the passenger's belongings.

According to Conde Nast Travel, the only competitors to Crystal Cruises' AirCruise are Abercrombie & Kent and Four Seasons who are providing similar trips abroad. According to Crystal Cruises, their trips would be higher-priced compared to competitors for its amenities and the expansive trip itself.