Tying the knot and preparing for engagement is a thing of beauty as it's one of the best moments in life for sure but despite what the movies would have you believe, honeymoons aren't always without their stresses and can make you crazy sometimes. Here are the top tips for avoiding honeymoon drawbacks and making your vacation a trip of a lifetime to remember.

Do Not Overthink. You probably made a lot of decision making already from wedding plans, venue, menu and more making it very exhausting for you. Exhausting yourself leading to your honeymoon will do no good and might harm your plans ahead. As per Lonely Planet, it is recommended that you and your partner lookout for symptoms of Decision Fatigue Syndrome so that they can step in anytime to save the day if ever it happens. Always be calm and steady, make sure everything goes on smoothly and without any rush.

Spend A Little Bit More. A romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant with spectacular views. A cruise sailing on the open seas. Scuba diving an old ship wreck or swimming with Dolphins. This is your honeymoon and you should enjoy every single moment of it as this only happens rarely in your lifetime. You may never be able to do this again so enjoy and spend a little bit above budget.

Do Not Book Early Flights. Don't book your flight for early the next morning after your wedding, particularly if you are having a large evening reception. Why? Once you finally get to sleep it may be hard to wake up dawn of next day for that early morning flight so it will just mess you up physically and mentally, the other thing is if your that tired then for sure you won't be able to hear that alarm you set. Not a good start to your honeymoon at all so its better to book a flight two days after.

Pack Things Wisely. Never pack valuables such as jewelry and cameras inside your luggage. As per Just 4U Travel, its is better to pack a hand bag with valuables, prescriptions, toiletries, swimwear, travel documents, sunglasses and a change of clothes just in case you have to wait for your room or an emergency option if your luggage gets lost. Always be prepared in any situation during traveling.

Plan Carefully. The more you do your honeymoon homework, the more romantic and fun your honeymoon will be for sure. Find a good travel consultant since the services of an experienced travel agent can save you hundreds of hours and make everything flow. Let a travel expert worry about your honeymoon travel plans while you worry about the budget and the big wedding ahead as well. For more travel tips please visit Travelers Today.