The update for action-adventure stealth video game "Dishonored 2" has finally arrived. The 1.03 update for PS4, Xbox One, And PC give exciting new features like Custom Difficulty which has 22 variables you can set that players can set.

Before the update was released, there was a beta, which seemed to be a success since the update is now available for all systems. The Custom Difficulty setting, Eurogamer reported, allows gamers to tweak the under-the-hood settings without properly taking a lot of necessary precautions to make sure that the game still functions and plays correctly from start to finish. The sliders would help players do just that, and lets players experiment with several gameplay elements. More than 20 sliders can be adjusted which not only increases or decreases the level difficulty, but also determine the number of enemies that players would want to attack them.

Cinema Blend said in addition to the Custom Difficulty setting, an Iron Man difficulty mode is added to "Dishonored 2" as well, where permadeath, and no manual saves are introduced. A replay mode has been added so players can replay any mission from the game that you've already completed. With the replay mission feature, players will no longer have to replay the game from the beginning.

There is also a Save Model, where players can either multiple save slots per playthrough, limit yourself to one, or go for the permadeath Iron Mode where you cannot reload and your save file is erased upon death. Aside from these, "Dishonored 2" the update also includes bug fixes. The list of all the bugs fixed can be found in the official website. The update also has Visual fixes, including one that will get rid of instances wherein the figure 8 would inexplicably appear onscreen. The update is praised by critics and fans alike.