Decades after it was released, the 1979 epic war film by Francis Ford Coppola, "Apocalypse Now", is making rounds on the internet recently. Now, Coppola teams up with a crew from the gaming industry to turn "Apocalypse Now" into a psychological survival horror RPG.

According to Wired, the game itself has inspired a lot of games.  In his official announcement, Coppola said that he is excited to explore the possibilities for "Apocalypse Now" for a new platform and a new generation.

The game's official statement says players "will have the ability to make their own decisions independent of the original narrative." Players navigate the horrors of the Vietnam War, and the decisions they make to each situation will define their journey as the story unfolds.

American Zoetrope, Coppola's film studio, is working with video game veterans to make an interactive version of the film, where players can get to be "Captain Benjamin Willard amidst the harsh backdrop of the Vietnam War." Gamespot reported that over the course of the gameplay, players are going to make decisions that could influence the original narrative.

Montgomery Markland, veteran of a great many games projects, said that they are going to create a game that challenges what an interactive experience should be. Markland said that they "are making a game that we are excited to play. He also said that they will make a variety of experience and interaction.

Rob Auten - who has writing credits for games like "Gears of War" and "Battlefield" - joins Markland. "Apocalypse Now" is in its very early days, but the team involved is keeping a lot of people excited. The game is currently raising money now on Kickstarter, and is set for release in 2020. Developers are planning to expand the "Apocalypse Now" world, and new characters and factions players interact with will be part of that expansion.