Microsoft's upcoming console, the Project Scorpio, is still talked about as the strongest console that will ever grace the video game world. However, a high-key feature have been removed from the the official site's description and the VR feature might not be making it.

Project Scorpio's official promo site made a subtle change, though it was easily noticed by some folks from NeoGAF. Apparently, the console's advertisement was modified that the high-fidelity VR has been, since then, removed. The only descriptions left were the console's 320 GB/s memory bandwidth, 8 CPU Cores and the true 4K Gaming experience.

Viewing the cached version of the promotional page shows the VR feature, which a lot of fans have also come to anticipate. This is supposedly a feature that will provide 90 frames per second of virtual reality goodness.

Gamespot have tried reaching out to Microsoft regarding the removal of the feature from the promotional site and there's yet to be an answer at the moment. The VR feature is one of Project Scorpio's key features and highlight of processing and gaming power. Removing the description does not really equate to the feature being canned, but fans now scramble for answers.

It could be remembered that Phil Spencer, Xbox Head, mentioned about VR and its eventual spot in the gaming scene. However, the Project Scorpio may not be embracing the future anytime soon as shown in the events. Still, Spencer said that it is still too early for it and that it may still take a year or two before every major gaming entity take advantage of the VR space in large scale projects.

The Project Scorpio is set to launch around December of 2017, though there's still no final announcement for the price. However, with what fans have been told so far, estimating the latest console's price will certainly go past the launch price of the original Xbox One.