If there's one controversial title to be talked about for the upcoming Nintendo Switch, "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" might just be the perfect subject matter. A recent listing from a highly-renowed online retail store lists the game with PC-like mod support and this confused some consumers.

A recent listing update at Best Buy Canada has started stirring speculations regarding "Skyrim" and its mod support for the Nintendo Switch. It happens to be one of the core features of the PC version, which have helped it stay for so long up to this year and onwards.

The mod support for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version have gone through a lot of issues before they finally got implemented. Even with that, the support is still limited to the game's original asset and unlike the PC version, the use of other resources apart from what's within the game cannot be done.

As reported at Gaming Target, "Skyrim" for the Nintendo Switch will be released as the Remastered Edition along with mod support. This seems to be at least a bit more plausible than the listing itself, which mentioned about the "Special Edition" release.

It hasn't been confirmed whether the game will be released on Nintendo's upcoming platform as something more than the original and standard version like the ones from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation. However, the spreading screenshots tell that the game will be more than that.

However, if the placeholder for the release date and the product are anything to go by, it might just be easy to dismiss the idea of PC-like mods existing in the game as described in the listing. After all, neither Bethesda nor Nintendo have made any announcement regarding the very important feature, which has always been the subject of debate for the current generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft.