If you're craving for authentic Tapas, there's no better place to get them than in Spain itself. If you ever find yourselves traveling to Spain, then make sure to experience the Spanish social culture by going out for a "tapear", where you hop from bar to bar with friends and tasting all authentic Tapa dishes.

In Madrid itself, tapa bars are scattered all over the city. But if you have limited time and wants to get the very best tapas in your life, then it's probably a good idea to narrow down your search. Here are the top places to get the finest tapas in Madrid:

Casa Gonzalez. If you want to eat the best tapas enriched with Spanish history and tradition, then head over to Casa Gonzales. This tapa bar is open since 1931, and to date, the place is still managed by the original family who started this restaurant. Now, it's the family's grandson who's now in charge, and they're still whipping up delicious and traditional Spanish food. With their homey decor and charming staff, you'll be at ease once. Try their Jamon iberico de bellota and queso manchego for an exceptionally tasty treat.

Mercado de San Anton. You might find this place quite similar to Mercado de San Miguel, but the choices are here are much diverse and you might notice the prices are a bit higher. Still, it's still a fantastic place to visit, as other than authentic Spanish Tapas you can also buy food from other cuisine as well such as Greek or Japanese. There are 3 sections of Mercado de San Anton. The first one is for gourmet grocery shopping, the second one is where all the tapas and other cuisine stands are, and the third one is a rooftop bar and restaurant. An all in one experience, this is a great place to drink authentic Spanish beer and feast on authentic tapas.

Celso Y Manolo. With over 80 tapa food items listed on their menu, you'll surely have the time of your life trying out different authentic Spanish tapas. Unlike some common tapa bars in Madrid, this one is very charming for an informal get-together with your friends and loved one while munching on the best tapas you'll ever taste in your life. This restaurant is a big hit for its laid-back atmosphere, and for their food they ensure to use only the freshest ingredients available.

Entre Ceceres Y Badajoz. This tapa bar is a local secret! If you really want to experience living the life of a true Spanish local, then visiting this tapa bar in Madrid is a must. Everything is authentic-- from their decor, interior design, and have I mentioned how awesome their food are? One cool tip, if you order drinks, the waiter will also give you free tapas! How cool is that? Make sure you here at 8 pm, because if you're late there's no way you can get a seat.

Mercado de San Miguel. If you're looking for gourmet Spanish tapas set in a chic, convenient location and with prices that won't hurt your wallet, then you've come to the right place. This food market offers the most succulent tapas in your life, and they offer all kinds of drinks as well. This place can get packed during the weekends, so it would be better to visit during the week.