Every wedding is magical, and the honeymoon is often the highlight of every matrimonial ceremony. Spending several days in your chosen paradise with your newly-wedded partner is indeed a dream come true.

But since the world is full of paradises, it's hard to choose where to go. Thankfully, the Lonely Planet has released another guide about some few tips on where to spend your honeymoon called "The Honeymoon Handbook."

They've compiled a list of all Instagram-worthy places to laze around your honeymoon that would make all your single friends go mad with envy, as well as other few tips to have the best honeymoon ever.

Here are some of the most Instagram-worthy honeymoon destinations in the world:

Japan. According to the Lonely Planet, traveling to Japan on your honeymoon is one of the greatest choices out there. One of the most culturally enriched countries in the world, immerse in the beautiful Japanese culture and its bountiful Sakura blossoms while taking snaps of your memories together.

Iceland. If you think the love shared between you and your partner is out of this world, then celebrate your honeymoon in the same fashion by going to Iceland. Their landscapes, quaint towns, and surroundings are really out of this world in terms of beauty, and while you're at it, why not take a selfie sharing a kiss amidst the background of the Aurora Borealis?

New York. If you both love exciting cities, then there is nothing more perfect with New York. Stroll in the beautiful garden of Central Park or dine at some of the famous restaurants you only see in Instagram-- you will never be short of new experiences in the city that never sleeps.

For more tips and Instagram-worthy honeymoon destinations, make sure to grab a copy of the "Honeymoon Handbook" by the Lonely Planet. You'll never have to worry about planning your honeymoon ever again.