Apple's wireless earphones, AirPods, got mixed reviews when it came out with the iPhone 7. For one, users say that since the AirPods are small, it's easy to misplace or lose them. Apple's iOS 10.3 beta release just answered that dilemma.

CNET reported that iOS 10 beta update, 10.3, lets you locate your new Apple wireless headphones using the "Find My iPhone" app. The app plays a sound on one or both AirPods to help you find them.

This new update gave a sigh of relief to a lot of users. The feature is dubbed  "Find My AirPods." When AirPods connects to an iPhone or Mac, the finder feature queries the host device's positioning hardware -GPS, Wi-Fi or other component package -to log the earbuds' location. Data is then fed to the Find My iPhone app for later retrieval, such as when a user realizes they are missing the left side of their AirPods pair.

Users who have paired AirPods with an iOS or macOS device enrolled with iCloud previously will find a new AirPods option under the "My Devices" section on the "Find My iPhone" app. The "Find My AirPods" is very convenient and helpful in locating the missing cord-free Apple earbuds.

However, others say that although it allows users to play a sound to locate a lost AirPod, it does not work when the AirPods are in the case and its functionality is somewhat limited because AirPods have no connection of their own.

Meanwhile, other features included in the iOS 10.3 beta are updates including the App animation tweaks, new Apple ID Settings profile, iCloud storage breakdown, SiriKit, CarPlay updates and more. Mac Rumors say that the iOS 10.3 is currently only available for developers, but Apple will likely release a public beta for public beta testers in the near future. iOS 10.3 will possibly remain in testing for about a couple months before it is released to the public- meaning it could launch in March or April.