It seems like the idea to have another green space in the US is possible - and it'll be bigger than New York's Central Park. Dallas leaders have been talking about building it along the Trinity River with the name Harold Simmons Park and would cost $250 million to have it realized.

According to the initial plans, the park would be 11 times larger than NY Central Park and not only would it be to beautify the Texas region, but it will improve Dallas' flood control plans. It will seek the approval of the U.S. Corps of Engineers if it is conducive to the area.

Mayor Mike Rawlings told Dallas News, "This is one of the high points of me being mayor, personally, but for a city, it's a remarkable watershed moment. ... The Trinity project in its completion will redefine Dallas for the 21st century. We need a park to do that."

Harold Simmons' wife, Annette Simmons, have donated $50 million of the $250M plan in honor of her late husband who was keen in donating to the Parkland Memorial Hospital, helping local citizens and see to the improvement of the natural environment. Harold Simmons died in 2013 and Forbes has ranked him as the 40th wealthiest businessman in the US.

"This gift will begin the creation of a great public space in our city that will be a place to gather, to enjoy nature and promote health and well-being," Annette Simmons said. "I cannot think of a more lasting and meaningful way to honor Harold's memory and legacy."

The park project has been in construction since 2000 and has faced criticisms due to the council leaders' indecisive plans. At the moment the park houses a community center and other recreational areas like golf, horse park, and trail hikes.

Also to be called as the Trinity River Park, it is slated to complete in 2021.