Lorelai and Lorelai (or Rory) Gilmore ran the "Dragonfly Inn" where the misadventures of mother and daughter had touched many viewers with witty and sassy humor coupled with subliminal drama for great narratives. Most viewers would say if "Stars Hollow" and "Dragonfly Inn" truly existed, they would travel and stay. Luckily, these five inns in England resemble the Gilmore Girls staple location.

While a dress code is present (which Lorelai would have been disgusted with given the chance), Ocean House in Rhode Island quickly resembles the ideal Dragonfly Inn. With numerous rooms and the Connecticut vibe of "Stars Hollow's" signature inn, the only difference is guests are looking at the ocean side view.

Portland's The Pomegranate Inn looks more like home than luxury complete with amazing homemade pastries. It is a home away from home -- the true vibe of "Gilmore Girls" and their vision of providing service and hospitality to guests in the series. Antiquities, flowers and bright, summery wallpapers adorn the walls of this simply beautiful inn.

According to Travel Channel, "Dragonfly" is just an inn but the entire neighborhood of "Stars Hollow" has an "anyone knows everyone" vibe that could be found in Connecticut's other towns including Kent, Essex, Old Lyme and Wallingford. Travel Channel said "Gilmore Girls" creator Amy Sherman-Palladino that Old Lyme's The Bee and Thistle Inn is the perfect match for her vision of the "Dragonfly Inn."

According to Buzzfeed, New Hampshire's The Franconia Inn feels like the "Dragonfly" but even more so because of its nicely made mornings with great breakfast and the smell and sight of horses during sunrise. Should travelers visit during the snow season, elegant fireplaces adorn some special rooms here for those chilly nights.

The White Elephant Village Inn in Nantucket seems like a luxury stay befitting Lorelai's mother Emily Gilmore and her lavish wants in life, but it still gives off that "Stars Hollow" neighborhood charm complete with its own private pool and spa.