Kat from "Gravity Rush 2" already dons a cool classic outfit, but for completionists, there are tons of other costumes ready to be unlocked. However, unlocking every wardrobe isn't as straightforward as most games, but this guide will help players get everything and try out flying on the skies of different settlements with different looks.

Unlike the first the first game, "Gravity Rush 2" puts a bit more emphasis and incentives in obtaining the optional costumes for Kat. Getting the costume is a one thing and being able to pose for the camera and even apply filters is another. Fortunately, folks from Digital Trends have slated an easy list of costumes and how to obtain them.

At the moment, there appears to be two pages worth of costumes and there's eight slots for each page. There's no telling, however, if this would be all and is limited to either 15 or 16 costumes overall. Some costumes are also obtainable only through online features, while others require players to play the first game and have a clear save on their PSN accounts.

First would be the Work Clothes, which Kat wears at the beginning of the game. However, players won't have the ability to switch back to this the second time around, unless they will dish out 300 Dusty Tokens, something that can only be acquired thru online features like hunts and challenges. For 1,000 Dusty Tokens, players will also be able to unlock the School Uniform 1.0 as well as the Shifter 1.0 for 5,000.

Right now, there's one optional costume, which players won't be able to miss and it is the Jazz Singer costume. Without spoiling, the costume can be acquired through one of the main story missions. The rest are through side quests. The Waitress can be acquired through "Come One, Come All," Nurse is from "A Legend is Born," Kali from "An Angel Named Double-Cross," School Uniform 2.0 from "Forbidden Games" and Super Star from "Find the Idol."

Other costumes that require, preferably a clear save data (via GearNuke) from the first game or from the PS4 remaster are the Military Uniform, Maid Outfit and Cat Suit. Finally, "Gravity Rush 2" also has incentives for those who pre-ordered the game with the White Kat costume while those who wants to acquire the PSO2 Crazy Kitten can be downloaded for free.