Fans of "Dragon Ball Super" will see some of the craziest episodes soon once the "Universal Survival" arc kicks in. Apparently, all Gods of Destruction have made their appearances and another eye-catching insight regarding the first female super saiyan and also has the appearance of Broly, emerges.

Just recently, Comicbook reported that the Gods of Destruction have all appeared, primed for the upcoming universal tournament. While the newest trailer is extremely short, a short preview of just how many Gods of Destruction excited fans as they were certainly a surprise after just one new God of Destruction has been teased over the weekend.

In total, there had been 10 spotted Gods of Destruction and all with varying looks and menacing presence. One looks like an ominous clown of pure malice, while another one looks like a giant threat to just about everybody else. Others look like their animal counterparts like the cobra, elephant and tiger.

While everybody else has been spazzing with the revelation of all the Gods of Destruction, half of the fans are also getting hyped with the return of Cabba as well as the first appearance of a female super saiyan. However, this isn't just an ordinary super saiyan as she appeared to be reminiscent of the legendary saiyan, Broly himself.

Based from Kotaku's report, the unnamed female super saiyan who appeared in the short trailer, was indeed the first of her kind who appeared on both the manga and anime of "Dragon Ball Super." There has been no sighting elsewhere with the exception of certain games like "Dragon Ball: Xenoverse" and "Dragon Ball Heroes."

However, nobody was able to tell whether the female was Broly from a different universe or if Broly will be a new type of character to be introduced in "Dragon Ball Super" as a canon figure.