Science fiction monster film "Pacific Rim" was released in 2013, and fans have been wondering if there will ever be sequel to the movie. "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" actor John Boyega teased fans with an Instagram post, showing what appears to be Jaeger Gypsy Danger.

"Pacific Rim 2" is happening, and according to Cinema Blend, the sequel will be called "Pacific Rim: Uprising." Originally titled "Maelstrom," the sequel has actually been in deep production since November and an impressive cast is lined up, including Boyega, Charlie Day, and Scott Eastwood.

During the original movie, it seemed like humans managed to close the Breach at the end of Pacific Rim, but therein actually lies the problem. They were only able to close the breach, but did not really deal with all the Kaiju - meaning, the creatures are going to find their way back to Earth some way or another. This means that the Earth would again need Jaegers, the most effective first and last line of defense against the Kaiju during the Kaiju War.

Boyega's post seems to confirm that one Jaeger is coming back for the "Pacific Rim" sequel. The illustration that the actor posted looks like Jaeger Gypsy Danger. Even though it's just an illustration, it was enough to get fans excited for "Pacific Rim: Uprising." It looks like Gypsy Danger is in a docking bay of sorts with a helicopter flying near the robot's knee. No confirmation yet if the other Jaegers will return, too.

Guillermo del Toro, who directed the first movie, was initially set to direct the second one as well, however, he resigned, and so the position was handed to "Daredevil" spearhead Steven S. DeKnight. According to MovieWeb, details on "Pacific Rim: Uprising" are under wraps, but reports say it is set to be released on February 23, 2018.