Guillermo del Toro does not pull any punches. He has again posted the phrase "F**k Konami"

According to gaming website GamingBolt, the movie director has been open and very vocal about his dislike for Konami. This isn't the first time he has spoken out and criticized the Japanese company. Del Toro has done it in the past and he has done so once again.

He previously worked with Hideo Kojima on the game Silent Hills. Konami was going to be the publisher of the game. The company instead cancelled the game.

Del Toro is the director of major hollywood movies such as Pacific Rim and Hellboy. Hideo Kojima was the director and designer of Metal Gear Solid V and the creator of the Metal Gear series.

Konami employed Kojima and published all of the games he designed. This was before he was pushed out of the company.

On Christmas day, the movie director posted a message on Twitter. Del Toro's message intended for the publisher was "F**k Konami"

He sarcastically compared the gutter phrase to customary greetings for this time of the year. He said that, like "feliz navidad" and "happy holidays", the foul words will always ring true for the holiday season.

He issued another tweet to correct his initial tweet which had 'right' instead of 'ring'. In the second tweet, he added "still, F**k 'em"

Kojima's next game is Death Stranding. Del Toro was featured in the recent trailer for the upcoming game.

The trailer was shown this month during The Game Awards. It was very weird and it showed Star Wars: Rogue One actor Mads Mikkelsen together with Guillermo Del Toro himself.

This is the second time the director has publicly criticized Konami. Early this month, he also posted a simpler message with just "F**K KONAMI" and a link to a post from The Game Awards that showed the trailer of Kojima's Death Stranding.

Konami has stated that it still is committed to producing new Silent Hill games. The publisher though has not announced anything.

The company claimed that the development of the Silent Hills game of Hideo Kojima had not progressed very far. Konami emphasized that the game was just in the embryonic stage.

Gaming website GameSpot reports that Del Toro has stated that he no longer has any intention to produce any game again since his attempts have twice ended in failure. Silent Hills was the second time he tried to collaborate on a game.

He believes that he is bad luck for any video game project. Del Toro said that when he joined the publisher THQ, the company went broke. When the director joined Kojima, the game designer was pushed out of Konami.

Del Toro worked with THQ on a horror game called Insane. The game was never released for reasons which include THQ going bankrupt.

He said he will never again be involved in video games so that he won't be responsible for destroying someone's life or someone else's house. Del Toro's newest project, the animated Netflix show Trollhunters, is out now.