Amazon has announced a premiere date for Jill Solloway's "I Love Dick". The show will air on Amazon Prime Video in both the United States and the UK on May 12, and this announcement comes ahead of the series' Sundance Film Festival debut on Monday.

The ten episode series is an adaptation from Chris Kraus' 1997 cult classic, and the story centers on Chris (Kathryn Hahn), who is a frustrated New York filmmaker. She finds herself marooned in Marfa, Texas, where her academic husband, Sylvère (Griffin Dunne), has a writing residency. She got the chance to meet Dick (Kevin Bacon), whom she develops a huge crush, Variety said. Critics hailed the novel as both "radical" and "gossipy, and it Kraus' particular brand of "confessional literature."

The show's official synopsis says: "an infuriating and beguiling exchange with this enigmatic, macho character unleashes in her a dramatic awakening." "I Love Dick" will cement Kathryn Hahn's lead-role status, Elle reported.  

Solloway will screen the first three episodes of the series at Sundance next week. Other cast include India Menuez, Lilly Mojekwu and Roberta Colindrez.  "I Love Dick" series' pilot was released for the public to cast their votes of approval on back in August, 2016, before it was ordered to series. This gave audience a glimpse into performances from the cast, and revealed that that the series had switched the setting of the narrative from Pasadena, CA to the small artist community of Marfa, TX.

"I Love Dick" is produced in-house by Amazon Studios, with Jill Soloway, Andrea Sperling, Victor Hsu, and co-creator Sarah Gubbins, serve as executive producers. Meanwhile, Hahn said that meeting Soloway, who cast her in "Transparent" and 2013's "Afternoon Delight", was life changing. The actress said that "Afternoon Delight" was the first time that she felt she was taken seriously.