Private flying has mostly been thought as a means of transport for executive CEO's, presidents or influential businessmen. This has left us with no alternative option than stick to commercial airlines and have to report earlier to the airport for security check in and lots of procedures before departure. Jet Suite this year has redefined private jet and has given a chance to many to report to the airport even 15 minutes before departure.

According to CNN, as per their schedule, in February this year Jet Suite X will operate Embraer E135s, Citation CJ3s and Embraer Phenom 100s to Los Angeles, North San Diego and Las Vegas. Each operated airline has a different number of seats that makes it more of a private jet. The number of seats ranges from 4seats phenom to 30 seats in an Embraer. The prices are affordable ranging from $29 to $246 which is very low compared to the actual price of chartering your own private jet which can cost up to $10,000.

The jet offers free snacks, wireless and drinks but the greatest offer is the membership deal. Having a membership card allows you to have updates for the deals, a flexibility in flights cancellation and twice grace period and lower hourly rates. The membership card is available from $50,000 depending on the level.

As reported by Forbes, offering a membership card at a price of $10,000 to $40, 000, Jet smarter is another airline company that offers private flying services. Jet smarter operates aircraft called shuttle that has specific travel routes compared to the aircraft that have multiple flights to different routes in the day. The shuttle has expanded its routes to New York and Europe and has 56% of the flyers from the self-employed class which includes stylists, event planners and chefs to name a few. Jet smarter is truly smart. Aiming at simplifying booking and noting current updates on deals.