It's time to reveal the presidential election results for hit TV series "Scandal". The much awaited return of the ABC series will reveal what's going to happen to Olivia Pope and all of the people in her life.

The last episode shows the presidential race between Mellie Grant and Francisco Vargas was reaching its climax, Entertainment Weekly said. Actress Kerry Washington said that the election winner will be announced within the first few minutes of the Season 6 premiere.

Washington said that changes were made to the storyline because the real-life U.S. election hit just a little too close to what had been written for "Scandal" months before. One particular storyline came true to life that the writers never saw coming, Yahoo! TV said.

Showrunner Shonda Rhimes was thinking of doing a Russian hacking story, Washington said, but it was scrapped "because it used to be that "Scandal" was this crazy show that was outside the realm of possibility," but that's not the case anymore, the actress said.

Washington recently stopped by "Ellen" on Tuesday, and she tried not to give out spoilers, but she may have just dropped a hint as to who will win the election. She said that the episodes were shot before the actual US Presidential election, and so the series was just following the story of what they thought was good for the characters.

"But it will be hard to believe that we didn't know about our election because it's so surreal what happens on the show," the actress said. For many fans, that could be a hint right there.

Hillary Clinton lost the presidency, so many assume that Washington's statement could mean that Mellie will lose. However, some reports say that Rhimes said that the show is not based on the actual elections, and added that had she wanted that, she would have waited until after the elections to shoot the Season 6.

Meanwhile, for those who are expecting to catch "Scandal" tonight, you would have to wait another week. The show returns on January 26 for an inauguration special ahead of Donald Trump taking the White House. "Scandal" will air at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.