Majority of the world's population has probably heard of the word "selfie". It's not a surprise that app developers are competing as to who can provide the most amazing selfie app to users, especially millenials - also known as the selfie generation. A kawaii anime makeover app is going viral, and for all the right reasons.

"Meitu", which means "beautiful picture" in Chinese, is a photo app created by Chinese company Xiamen Meitu Technology. It has actually been available for many years now, and since its release in 2008, it has become really popular in Asia, especially China. Right now, it's gaining popularity in the US, too.

According to CNET, the free photo-editing app, available for iOS and Android allows you to take selfies or upload pictures from your camera roll. It combines facial recognition with anime-like filters. It promises to give a "cross-dimensional beauty", and has become a leading editing tool to adjust skin tone, make your face slimmer and taller, and enlarge and brighten your eyes.

USA Today reported that "Meitu" boasts 456 million monthly active users across its app as of October of last year - that's more than 6 billion photos every month. Before January 10, the kawaii anime app was ranked No. 317 in the "Photos & Video" section of Apple's US app store. But after an update was released which added the ability to give any image an anime makeover, "Meitu" spiked to the No. 4 spot in the same category.

The reason why the app is very popular is because users say it is just cool to see yourself in a whole new light. And the best part is, it's free. Just download the app, and once it opens, you will be taken to the core "hand-drawn" experience that lets you create "Meitu" kawaii anime selfies.