Florida has for many years been an attractive spot for many travelers, especially during summer. Staying at the beach, playing games, building houses for fun using the beach sand and swimming can be done all day long. After a day filled with all the fun, a comfy bed is the next suitable thing to complete the happiness of day, here are five best resorts where you can find comfort after a long beach day.

According to The Huffington post, Moorings village and spa is an 18 acre converted coconut plantation surrounded by a beautiful landscape of the Florida bay that can be seen as enjoying your food at the Pierre restaurant that is within the resort. The resort is under owner Hubert who made his resort unique through importing Caribbean beach sand which you can feel as sitting on the hammocks that are around the resort.

Offering a spectacular view of the Mexico Gulf, the ocean keys resort and spa is located near the Mallory square. The resort has a pool and exclusive rooms that are accessible to a balcony. Moreover, the resort has a spa center called spa Terre that offers a great pedicure.

As reported by Cntraveler, having existed for about two years now, the marker waterfront resorts still stand out as the most luxury resort in the Keys. The resort is featured with three pools one for adults only, large rooms of about 400 feet, private balconies and a traditional architecture completed with modern touches.

The sunset key cottage having about 27 acres and only accessible by boat is a quiet place to be in when in Florida. It has bright rooms and white sandy beaches but above all the resort serves breakfast to all rooms in the morning that is packed in picnic baskets. Pier House is now developed to a small private beach with a beautiful architect of the rooms.