Planning your honeymoon destination? For newlyweds, the honeymoon is often the highlight of any wedding celebration. And planning where to hold the ultimate vacation of your lives can be exceptionally tricky, especially if you're craving to go to the perfect place to spend with your husband or wife.

Thankfully, the world is never short of beautiful places to go to when it comes to the perfect honeymoon destination. Don't settle for nearby, local places-- this is the chance to explore the world and consummate your marriage with your life partner amidst spectacular views and ethereal, natural backdrops. Here are some of the best honeymoon places to check out this 2017:

Santorini, Greece. At first glance, this quaint little town in Greece would instantly make you fall in love. From their colorful, sandy beaches to their exquisite local cuisine, every hour is a celebration of love between you and your partner. Make sure to check out Kamari Beach and enjoy the view of Santorini's coastline with a glass of wine at Boutari Winery.

Kas, Turkey. Nothing like discovering an unspoiled paradise with the love of your life, don't you think? In Kas, exploring the town's beautiful Turquoise Coast is like having the place all to yourselves with their less touristy vibe and serene, beautiful beaches. The Peninsula Gardens Hotel is an excellent choice of accommodation in Kas, making sure your stay from day one till the end is nothing short of romantic. And the beaches? The place is called Turquoise Coast for nothing.

Florence, Italy. Dubbed as the Renaissance Capital of Italy, it's a perfect city to indulge in the romantic Italian culture, from the attractions to the hotels and the food. Just enjoying a walk in the quaint streets of Florence is pleasant enough, but try visiting The Piazza Della Signoria, where statues of the most famous Florentine artists are located. For food, almost all restaurants offer genuine Italian cuisine, but Florentinian specialties include Bistecca Alla Fiorentina, Crostini, and Gelato.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. For an exciting honeymoon adventure, why don't you experience the safari adventure of Serengeti National Park? Get up close with lions and zebras and indulge in other fun safari adventures you couldn't get anywhere else. In the Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti, get ready to experience a romantic getaway with a twist of African safari vibe. And now with their new Honeymoon package, a guaranteed romantic getaway is in store for you and your loved one.