In search of the perfect place to go after your dream wedding? Croatia has become a great destination for newly weds couples, with beautiful sunny beaches and stunning resorts on the coastline that will make you never want to leave the country.

Currently, Croatia has become one of Europe's best options for that magical honeymoon trip, thanks to the number of boutique hotels, spa resorts and outstanding restaurants that offers the best traditional cuisines and local wines making it the perfect deal for the romantic vacation of your life.

According to Select Croatia, Dubrovnik is an UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the town's well-preserved natural beauty from the limestone streets around the city that have become smooth and polished, combined with the Medieval design from corner to corner basically surrounding the city, Gothic and Baroque churches and a historic Franciscan monastery that makes it complete. This place is also known for its Dalmatian coast where travelers can go for if they want to see and experience the real romantic beauty of Croatia.

There is also the five star resort Vila Dubrovnik, located in St. Jacob's cliffs which is surrounded by luscious gardens that are rich in oleanders, lemon and orange trees. The place also has a very unique view of the turquoise sea and the famous city walls where everyone can chill and relax.

Split is one of the largest cities in Croatia as it offers a wide variety of activities for all tourist and local visitors. This place is also known for Diocletian's Palace, which was built at the beginning of the fourth century by the emperor bearing its name and it is definitely a major sight to see that should be on everyone's bucket list in their Croatian visit.

If you want to relax and just enjoy the sun, you can book at Hotel Park which is a five star hotel, it has everything from swimming pool and a terrace to see a beautiful view of the land while taking breakfast.

Rovinj is well known for its pastel painted houses across the harbor which looks like from another country like Italy. The beautiful traditional spot with an old quarter of cobbled alleyways overlooked by the trademark tower of a Venetian-style church is one of the best views to see and experience.

According to Rough Guides, Rovinj also offers the best galleries and local wine and cocktail bars. Excellent local restaurants serve up platefuls of fish, scampi, truffles and other regional goodies as well as oysters. For the hotel, it is recommended to stay at Adriatic Hotel which is a very intimate hotel for couples to spend their time and enjoy the night.

Hvar is an sanctuary of vegetation in the Adriatic Sea, and the scenic coasts of the island classify it as one of the most romantic destinations in Croatia. You can choose to stay at Hotel Adriana during your stay on the island. This four star boutique hotel features an outdoor and indoor spa, a private beach and a seawater pool on the hotel rooftop.

Korcula is fortified by history century old walls, within which the Romanesque cathedral of St. Mark's and the Franciscan monastery are still preserved till this day. In fact, you could consider it a smaller version of Dubrovnik. A truly unique location to stay at is in Korcula's Old Town is the Lesic Dimitri Palace which is a boutique hotel that features only five residences, all beautifully designed and decorated with high end textiles and materials. For more about the beauty of Croatia and other European cities all around, visit us at Travelers Today.