The Nintendo Switch will be having a special live stream event on January 13, and gamers will finally know how much it will cost, what games are going to be released alongside it, and when the exact launch date is. While the event itself is still a couple of days away, that has not stopped the internet from obtaining leaked photos of what appear to be Nintendo Switch accessories made by Hori.

A French Twitter user named DroidXAce has posted several pages of an internal document from Hori which reveals some unconfirmed information on accessories for the upcoming console from Nintendo. Dozens of candid snaps could be seen on the leaked documents showing several different accessories for the Nintendo Switch. However, the tipster himself could neither vouch nor confirm their authenticity.

However, the editor in chief of French Publication "LetsPlayVideoGames", claimed through her Twitter account that the leaks were indeed legit and were "well worth a look." This has given gamers some hope that the details revealed by the documents are 100 percent legit. One of the major reveals spotted in the leaked documents suggests that "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" could be a potential launch title as Hori seems to be in the midst of making some matching decals for the console to celebrate its launch.

While Nintendo has yet to confirm an exact release date for the upcoming "Zelda" game, but several leaks have led to speculation that it could see a March release date, which coincides with that of the Nintendo Switch. The photos also reveal a Hori "Real Arcade Pro" fighting stick also labelled with a March 2017 release date.

Why Hori would decide to release an arcade stick for the Switch is anybody's guess at this point, but it is also worth pointing out that there is a version of the stick designed with Zelda decals suggesting the peripheral could have some sort of compatibility with the game itself. A full-color leak of other accessories has also been posted on NeoGAF, including a screen protector.

The Nintendo Switch live stream event will air this Friday at 8pm PST/11pm EST. It will then be followed by a Treehouse Live event.