The upcoming Creators Update for Windows 10 is scheduled to be released around April of this year and based on early reports from insiders, Microsoft is planning to completely overhaul the operating system's user interface. The software company is reportedly looking on using more animations and visual blurring elements similar to the ones from the Aeon Glass era of Windows 7 and Vista.

The project has been internally named Project Neon, and technology blog MSPoweruser has obtained leaked screenshots showing the completely redesigned user interface of Windows 10. Based on the screenshots posted on MSPoweruser's website, Project Neon has given the operating system a dramatic change in appearance.

Its white spaces and bold text makes it look very similar to the recent redesign done to Apple Music. Simply put, it looks completely unrecognizable from the current version of Windows 10 that most users have today.

Developers will also get to customize the appearance of their universal apps as Microsoft is expected to make some new changes to its Windows 10 language, which has been dubbed "Acrylic." Experts believe that Project Neon will be a crucial step in Microsoft's effort to shift towards 3D interaction and HoloLens. The software giant is expected to reveal more information about Project Neon in its developer conference scheduled for May of this year.

It is also important to keep in mind that the leaked screenshots are from early test and concept builds, meaning there could still be many changes and developments made prior to its release. Neon is also expected to be released sometime after the release of the Creators Update.

The Creators Update will bring about plenty of changes to Windows 10, including the ability to draw 3D objects with the use of a mouse or Surface Pen. As per the Express, the Creators Update will also make it easier for users to get in touch with their contacts as Microsoft wants to "place people at the center of Windows".