When it comes to spending a vacation in a foreign country, the quality of a temporary home can make or break the vibes of the trip. A good hotel by itself is relatively challenging to come by. Given the definition of a 4-star hotel, the challenge of seeking such a place offering less than $50 a night sets the bar higher.

But why book for April? Some of these locations have the most pleasant climate in this time of the year. This is considering that some countries have a very limited seasonal window that is tolerable. Hence, here are the 4-star hotel destinations filtered under these two main conditions - cheap quality accommodations and good weather:

Cairo, Egypt

Being a desert country, Egypt has a relatively limited seasonal window that is deemed pleasant. April proved to be the best month, with temperatures not exceeding beyond 28 degrees Celsius during its hottest days. In the middle of May, Cairo gets uncomfortably sweltering.

The average price of a 4-star hotel in Cairo is only $38 per night for two persons. When it comes to safety, Cairo is still relatively secure. Previous safety tips strictly forbid tourists from venturing Northern Sinai and the country's outskirts.

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

Since 2015, Sharm el-Sheikh was one of the many places in Egypt that foreign consulates warned about in light of the related incidents of violence following the collapse of the Northern Sinai Governorate. Hopefully, in 2017, the stigma will erode enough to welcome its visitors back. As of April 2017, Sharm el-Sheikh's 4-star hotels have dropped their nightly lodging fee at bottom $27 (the cheapest rate in the list).

Phuket, Thailand

The renowned 5-star hotel called Indigo Pearl charges only $121 per night. Its 4-star hotels are nearly 5 times cheaper, entailing an average price of $41 per couple. Being a tropical country, Thailand's hottest temperature in April could spike up to 33 degrees Celsius. That daytime temperature at the beach is actually not bad.

Mexico City, Mexico

Despite its underrated reputation as a tourist spot, Mexico is one of the best places to visit in April. Daytime temperatures do not exceed 27 degrees Celsius. During this month, Mexico City is relatively dry. Its 4-star hotels only cost an average of $41 per night for a couple.