Users all over the world have been anticipating the Windows 10 Creators Update, and it now looks like they finally have a release date for it. Sources within Microsoft have reported that the blockbuster update will be released worldwide in April 2017.

A report from MSPowerUser reveals that Microsoft is hoping to finalize which features will be making it to the update at the end of this month. From there, the company will then focus on eliminating any bugs or glitches before finally releasing the update.

Sources close to Microsoft claim that the company had initially planned to rollout the Creators Update by March 2017. However, an April 2017 release date now seems more likely at this point as it gives them more time to hash everything out.

There are many new features that are rumored to be included in the next Windows 10 update, including a holographic user interface designed for users who are wearing Windows 10 compatible VR headsets, which was confirmed by Microsoft. Microsoft is also planning on releasing a variety of other headset products to support VR gaming on Windows 10. Companies such as Acer, Dell, Lenovo, and HP are also planning to release Windows 10 compatible VR headsets, with some being priced for as low as $299.

The update will also include a Paint 3D app which will let users draw on their screens with the use of a Surface Pen. This is considered to be Microsoft's most advanced feature to date. Some of Microsoft's most iconic pre-installed apps will also be getting some 3D support as well. This includes PowerPoint which now allows users to add 3D models into their slides.

The update will also benefit gamers as they can now broadcast their gameplay online. This has been made much easier because of some improvements made to the Beam video sharing software.